• Central Park Cafe

CENTRAL - Our People

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” (Helen Keller)

We want people who uplift us; who make as smarter; with whom we create together. Give, take, listen, learn, rise. That’s the only worthwhile way. Together we can do everything. The people at Central are first teachers and then students! They are the source of our energy and, at the same time, the sponge of our experience. Every team member stands for a unique and integral part of our philosophy. Whoever enters our team brings with them their smile and mood; they learn to cooperate and to share.


Giorgos and Nikos are brothers. In the last twenty years, through their work, they create a positive mood in others around them! But above all, they like to bring in new ideas and to constantly experiment in their area of expertise while seeking impeccable quality and, mostly …smiles.


For us the coffee, the dessert, the food or the drink may just be the means to communicate with each other, but we want them to be exceptional. ​To achieve this, we, at Central, collaborate with outstanding individuals from Crete, Greece and abroad; individuals who share with us experiences, knowledge and trends so that we constantly break new ground and travel even further away…Together with them we create new experiences and through the flavors, the smells and the colors… we create moments.